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Ucruit works with candidates who want to change career, jobs or go for that all-important promotion. Ucruit offers four services: LinkedIn profile improvement (getting you noticed); job searching techniques and how to utilise written sales (getting you to the right person straightaway); CV interviewing and rewriting (all professionally proof-read); Job interview coaching (getting you ready for the big day).

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What we can do for you...

LinkedIn profile improvement (getting you noticed).

Job searching techniques and how to promote yourself best on digital channels (getting you to the right person straightaway).

CV interviewing and rewriting (professionally proof read).

Job interview coaching (getting you to perform at your best).

CV example templates

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“Brian's knowledge and expertise have been extremely helpful in assisting me with preparation for a key interview. He offered a lot of insight and useful tips that most folk won't be aware of or think about. Brian has provided me with LinkedIn training and offered some quality information to put into practice in order to get the best out of the platform!”
Elton Willemse