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Recruitment Agencies

Our main aim is to improve the skills of recruiters and talent acquisition teams using modern recruitment techniques and training.

We focus on assessing your recruitment process and creating a leaner way of working, through smart use of technology and the creation and delivery of tailored learning & development requirements.

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What we can do for you...

Business Improvement Programme

A bespoke recruitment improvement programme to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs, creating a blueprint for your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Training 

 Recruiter Training programmes for organisations and individual recruiters who desire a competitive recruiting advantage. We create bespoke training guides to promote adoption, expertise, and deployment of recruitment best practices. 

Recruitment Reporting

The most essential aspect of any business is being able to access and generate reports quickly and accurately. Recruitment reporting is no different and our reporting functions have been developed to provide Recruiters, HR Directors, HR Managers and Line Managers with quick, multiple reports to accurately report on the whole recruitment process as well as specific areas of the recruitment process such as changing workforce trends and recruitment analysis.

Our Process

We work with key stakeholders in your business to assess recruitment critical needs and knowledge gaps through a structured business improvement method.


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Observing work practices face to face.

Observing all aspects of the team from: sourcing, selling techniques, quality, service, communication and aftercare.



Looking at analysis from the company to understand strengths and development areas.

Use of analysis as a starting bench for improvement.


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Interview stakeholders in the business to understand processes, knowledge and skills.


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Deliver a comprehensive report across all areas of your business.

“Brian’s passion and expertise with regards to business improvement and best practice has inspired me to develop my skills and knowledge within these areas. Brian’s business improvement sessions and coaching have provided my team with an in-depth insight, allowing us to improve our capabilities in providing first class recruitment services to our clients and candidates.”
Jamie Martin