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Bespoke training modules can be created dependant on clients’ needs or based on a recruitment improvement report.

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Giving your consultants the very best start in recruitment is vital to their ongoing development and is a great investment in your business. It’s simply not good enough to point someone at a desk and market and hope that somehow things will work out.

This module includes: understanding recruitment; desk analysis and development; candidate attraction; questioning techniques.

This is an extremely commercial and practical advanced recruitment training course, which will help your company make more placements.

The module includes: 21st century recruitment practices; buying influences; sales techniques; using analysis to improve your placements; “Moneyball analysis” and candidate attraction methods.

One of the biggest challenges for a successful consultant is taking the step from running a desk, to running a team and a desk at the same time. Not only are there the obvious time management issues, but with staff come a vast number of other issues and problems to address.

This module includes: recruitment strategy; developing clients opportunities; time management; using ratios to improve your business and interpersonal skills.

In markets where great candidates are in short supply, it vitally important to ensure that you are using the correct tools to identify the best candidates. The advanced candidate searching module helps delegates understand the quickest way to search for candidates across CRM and ATS systems, social media sites and the web.

Use your team to extend the reach of your company, getting that important brand exposure in order to attract the best candidates.

This module includes: understanding the LinkedIn algorithm; optimum time to post; how to find the best candidates and ranking signals.

Candidates are at the heart of everything we do. 78% of candidates will tell friends and family if they have received a bad experience through the job seeking process.

This module includes the following topics: technical and emotional interviewing techniques; face to face interviewing; candidate management; candidate marketing; candidate interview preparation and the impact of different types of communication.

With more and more business conducted over social media platforms such as LinkedIn it is vital to understand the art of written selling techniques.

This module covers four key elements: the AIDA Model; Needs Based Selling; the Movie Model and the importance of social selling.