What does Ucruit do?

The most effective recruitment strategy you’ll ever experience


Ucruit has been founded on the basis that there is a gap in the market to improve recruitment processes for businesses and agencies alike. Our main purpose is to improve the skills of recruiters, talent acquisition teams and line managers, using modern recruitment techniques through practical training and development.


Recruitment Agencies



Strategy, Training, Outsourcing, Future Proofing & In-house Support

Recruitment Agencies

Business Improvement Programme, Training & Reporting


LinkedIn, Job Searching, CV Interviewing, Job Interview Coaching


Ucruit offers businesses an advisory service around the entire recruitment process using gap analysis, recruitment mapping and a recruitment improvement template. These techniques are used to assess our clients and their online presence, proactive attraction methods and candidate experience, as well as strategic planning and implementation.

Recruitment Agencies

Our main aim is to improve the skills of recruiters and talent acquisition teams using modern recruitment techniques and training. We focus on assessing your recruitment process and creating a leaner way of working, through smart use of technology and the creation and delivery of tailored learning & development requirements.


Ucruit works with candidates who want to change career, jobs or go for that all-important promotion. Ucruit offers four services: LinkedIn profile improvement (getting you noticed); job searching techniques and how to utilise written sales (getting you to the right person straightaway); CV interviewing and rewriting (all professionally proof-read); Job interview coaching (getting you ready for the big day).

Our process

Why do you only recruit when you have a vacancy? By enlisting Ucruit we proactively identify talent before you have a vacancy ensuring you have access to the best talent in the market and creating a robust succession planning strategy.

Whether you are a company looking to improve your people hiring process or a recruitment agency looking to take your service to the next level, our methods are proven to get you results.

Whether we work with you on a short, medium, or long-term basis, we operate as an extension of your business. Ucruit’s strength lies in our ability to understand your requirements and create a solution, quickly and without fuss. We can optimise your brand to the external candidate audience, provide training and support to your in-house recruitment team or manage a specific recruitment process on your behalf.

What we can do for you

We believe that recruitment should not be a transaction between 2/3 parties. We offer different services to make sure that you are able to recruit the very best talent in the market.

Recruitment Strategy

Proven time and time again, our methodology means that we will work closely with you to analyse and assess your recruitment processes, employment/talent branding and strategic planning.

We will deliver a recruitment improvement report to stakeholders and devise training around development areas, in order to create the optimum recruitment strategy for you.

Recruitment Training

Our Recruiter Training programmes give businesses and individual recruiters a competitive recruiting advantage. We create bespoke training guides to promote successful adoption and deployment of recruitment best practices.

Our online and face-to-face training delivers courses for internal recruitment teams, HR professionals, hiring managers and business leaders. These include: Interviewing for Managers; Candidate Attraction; Questioning and Influencing; LinkedIn Masterclass; A World Class Candidate Experience; and Sales Training.

In-house Support

Your very own Recruitment Director resource delivering support to help your business grow, including people management and onboarding, strategic approach, training and mentoring. Undertaking GAP analysis to assess succession planning in current teams. Evaluating people strategy - reviews, compensation, training and development plans. We will help you increase the speed of people hire, improve the quality of candidates you meet and reduce your recruitment spend.

Recruitment Support

Working in partnership with businesses to proactively recruit the best talent in your market. We can manage your full recruitment process to save you time and money, by creating a robust strategy and candidate pool specific to your requirements. We identify and attract top talent using behavioural interviewing - not just keyword searches. We facilitate non-biased interview panels and manage the candidate experience to improve your brand.

Future Proofing

We future-proof your recruitment process, by providing access to up-to-date reporting, recruitment mapping and gap analysis. We identify talent before you have a vacancy in order to have a succession plan strategy in place.